The collaboration we love with the Cartoon Network continues. This time we produced for Brazil and Latam, super fun episodes for the month of the World Cup, the entire Stratostorm team joined forces for this awesome project with 2D animations of Gumball and Darwin, scenarios and opening in 3D,3D animations, illustrations, motion graphics, filming, editing, directing and much more .. Copatoon every Wednesday a new episode on Cartoon Network.



Cartoon Network

Production Company


Screenplay: Vivian Arias e Ricardo Godoy (Cartoon Network)

Directors: Lucas Fonseca e Igor DIas
Art Director:Lucas Fonseca
Illustrations: Giovanni Pedroni
2D animators: Liz Moschen and Bruno D´Oro
Motion Designers: Kaio Cruz e Wagner
Editor: Igor Dias
3D artists: Alan Prado, Dhiego GuimarĂ£es e Felipe Pardini
Compositors: Felipe Ruiz e Igor Sacilotto
Post Producers: Fernanda Sousa e Ale Campos
Post Supervisor: Mario Pece
Executive Producer: Helena Hilario
Sound mix: 1m1 Art