El Chapo

Netflix debuted world-wide last Friday, December 15, the second season of the “El Chapo” series, which features visual effects created by Stratostorm

“El Chapo” is a co-production of the US channel Univision with Netflix and rescues the trajectory of Mexican drug trafficker Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán. In the US, El Chapo was accused of money laundering and criminal association, among other crimes. His extradition came just hours before Barack Obama handed over the presidency to Donald Trump. The criminal is currently being held in a maximum security prison in New York.

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Netflix + Univision

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Stratostorm´s Team:

Executive Producer: Helena Hilario
VFX Supervisor: Mario Pece
VFX Producer: Tunay Canepari e Gabrielle Camarana
Compositores: Mario Pece, Felipe Ruiz e Igor Sacilotto
3D Artists: Alan Prado, Felipe Pardini e Mario Pece
Motion Designer: Lucas Fonseca