Toontubers is a successful series with millions of fans and views on Youtube and on Television, in which Rigby and Mordecai, protagonists of Regular Show, play games while they talk and make jokes with its characteristic humor. Saturday, yes, Saturday, not on Cartoon Network channel on Youtube and on television.

Season 2017 , 2018 and counting…

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Cartoon Network

Production Company


Executive Producer: Helena Hilario
Post Production Supervisor: Mario Pece
Post Producer (Season 2 Ep 03,04 e 05): Elton Felix
Post Producer (Season 2): Gabrielle Camarana
Post Producer (Season 3): Fernanda Sousa e Jessica Rodrigues

Script and direction (Season 3): Lucas Fonseca and Igor Dias

Editors: Liz Moschen, Igor Dias, Caroline Siqueira
Motion Designers: Lucas Ara├║jo, Wagner Feitosa, Kaio Cruz

Opening score: Trampolim